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Frequently Asked Questions




What if I missed Open Enrollment?


We accept applications all year. Any applications received after the open enrollment period can still be accepted for the current school year as long a there is still space available in the grade level. If not, the application will be added to the waitlist in the order they were received.



Do you have Early Kindergarten?


Yes. Students entering Regular Kindergarten for the upcoming school year must be 5 years old on or before September 30th of the current school year. An exception is a child who will turn 5 between October 1s-31st of the current school year. They may be allowed to enter kindergarten if they are chosen in the Open Enrollment lottery and if they pass an early entrance screening. We have a limited number of space available in this program. Details can be found HERE

How much does it cost to attend Arizona Charter Academy?


ACA is a tuition-free public charter school. We are funded through tax dollars, in the same manner as traditional district schools. The only expense families would make are for uniform shirts, school supplies and any after school extracurricular activity fees.



Do ACA students have to wear uniforms?


Yes, ACA prides itself on being a uniform school. There are many positives to wearing school uniforms such as: reducing distractions, improves community and school spirit, helps prevent bullying, encourages other ways to express oneself etc.





What curriculum do you use?


ACA uses curriculum that focuses on college readiness, analytical thinking, and is aligned with state assessments. In an effort to increase academic rigor, all math departments use Engage NY curriculum. ELA departments use standards aligned curriculum. All forms of assessment are rigorous and aligned to state standards. Students are assessed on Galileo to ensure comprehension or learning outcomes.


For more information on K-5 curriculum





For more information on 6-8 curriculum





What are the school hours?

Regular Day K-4: 8:00-2:45

Monday K-4: 9:15-2:45

Early Release K-4: 8:00-11:30

Regular Day 5th-8th: 8:00-3:15

Monday 5th-8th: 9:15-3:15

Early Release 5th-8th: 8:00-11:55


What after school options does ACA have?


For Kindergarten we offer aftercare. For grades 1st-6th we offer aftercare, after school clubs and tutoring. For grades 6th-8th we offer clubs and competitive sports


What are the details for before and after-care?


We have before-care available only on Monday’s starting at 7am and there is after-care available Monday-Friday. Both have fee’s associated with them. The fee’s are broken down by 9 week sessions. We have 4 9 week sessions a year.




Why is there a late start on Monday?


Every Monday, students start late at 9:15 am because our teachers are here by 7am every Monday morning in Professional Development. ACA highly values our teacher professional development.





What are the details for afterschool clubs and tutoring?


We offer our wonderful Aftercare/Enrichment everyday after school from 3-5:30 pm. We are also DES Childcare Assistance certified in our aftercare/enrichment program. For more information on DES Childcare Assistance and how you might qualify, please contact the Department of Economic Security directly at 602-542-2526.


Please visit our website for a fee breakdown of our aftercare/enrichment program or contact our front office at 623-974-4959.


What is ACA’s student to teacher ratio?


ACA prides itself on its smaller class sizes of 24 students per teacher for K-5 and 26:1 for 6th-8th.



How many students does ACA have?


In the 2023/24 school year we have about 1000 students K-8.



Do the elementary kids have recess/snack time every day?


Yes, Kinder and 1st grades have 2 recesses/snack times every day plus lunch recess. 2nd- 4th Grade students also have designated recess and snack times within the school day.



Does ACA have transportation?


ACA does not have a bus system or any transportation available at this time. However, we do have a very efficient drop-off and pick-up system.



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