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Family Crisis Resources 


A variety of resources are available to help support students, staff, families and the community during this unprecedented time. In the attached directory, you will find direct numbers for specific lines of support within ACA as well as recourses for staying informed, in good health and in good spirits. 

Family Crisis Resource Directory.JPG

ACA has compiled a comprehensive directory of resources. All of these can be found within the linked directory. Table of Contents include: 

Mental Health/Suicide Prevention 

Local Resources 

National Resources 

Social Emotional Resources 

Substance Abuse Disorder 

Local Resources 

National Resources 

Racial Injustice and Educational Resources 

Black Lives Matter 

Civic Engagement/ Legal Support 

Mental Health Support 

List of Resources Addressing Systemic Racism 

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Resources 

Local Resources   

National Resources 

Children’s Shelter Resource 

Local Food Bank List 

Benevilla Family Resource Center


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