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Online Enrollment

Admissions Policies


Admission into Arizona Charter Academy is not limited based upon ethnicity, national origin, gender, income level, disabling condition, proficiency in the English language or athletic ability. The school does however limit admission to students within a given age group or grade level, as per classroom/building capacity.


Arizona Charter Academy may refuse to admit any student who has been expelled from another educational institution or who is in the process of being expelled from another educational institution.


Enrollment Office: 623-974-4959 x335

Enrollment email:


2017-2018 School Year Enrollment Timeline

(dates are subject to change)


September 2016

Enrollment Timeline posted for 2017-2018 Enrollment Season


Nov. 2016 
Waitlisted Application Roll Over Period lasts the whole month; Waitlisted applicants that are eligible to rollover to the 2017-18 school year waitlist will be sent rollover instructions


November 30th 2016- January 31st 2017

Open Enrollment period for K-8th grade


Feburary 10th 2017

Pre-registration deadline for current students returning in order to hold their spot for the next year.


March 8th 2017

Lotteries will be conducted for applications received during Open Enrollment Period for the 2017 - 2018 school year.  Lotteries will take place at 10:30am at the district office. Lotteries are open to the public, but applicants are not required or expected to attend.


March 22nd 2017

Enrollment status based on lottery results will be posted for applications received during Open Enrollment Period for the 2017 - 2017 school year.


March through the 2017-2018 school year – Any person applying will still follow the application procedure.  If there is not a waiting list in a particular grade level the Admissions Counselor will review on a bi-weekly basis. 


September 2017

Enrollment Timeline posted for 2018-2019 Enrollment Season


Enrollment Process


At ACA our enrollment process is done in 2 parts:


Part 1: Join the Interest List

Interest List Applications can be completed online at, downloaded from our website and printed or picked up in the ACA front office.  Within 1 week of completed application being received, if eligible, you will be notified of student eligibility and given information on how to complete our Part 2 application. Eligibility does not guarantee acceptance.


Note: Arizona Charter Academy can determine a student ineligible if they have been expelled from another educational institution or are in the process of being expelled from another educational institution.*2


Part 2: Complete the Application for Student Admission and Necessary Documentation

Applications must be completed within our Open Enrollment period to be eligible for the lottery. Applications completed after the Open Enrollment deadline will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis behind applications completed during the open enrollment period.


The following documents must be provided in order for the application to be deemed complete:


  • Completed Application for Admission with all questions answered and all required signatures.

  • Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Proof of Residency

  • Up-to-date record of immunization

  • Last report card (1st-8th)

  • State Assessment Scores (AZMerit)

  • Copy of discipline records

  • Custody papers if applicable

  • Current IEP, Psychological Report and Eligibility Statement if a student is identified as Special Education**

  • Gifted testing scores if student is identified as gifted*


*ACA does not limit enrollment based on disabling condition, disability, ethnicity, national origin, gender, income level, proficiency in the English language, and/or athletic ability. We've only asekd for documentation early in the enrollment process to ensure we provide the best level of excellence and to plan for any hiring or staffing. Revised: 8/18/17


*Please note it is the responsibility of the parent to obtain any and all of the required documents. However, please notify the ACA Enrollment Department if the previous school refuses to give you records. Applications are only deemed complete once all of the required documentation is received.


          Please see Open Enrollment Lottery (below)

          Please see How The Waitlist Works (below)

          Please see Applications Eligible for Priority Status (below)

          Please see Capacity Policy (below)


Part 3: Summer Registration (New Student Registration) or Waitlist


Every family will receive an email and/or phone call from ACA if and when an offer is extended to their child. Please contact the enrollment office if you have any questions concerning the initial offer of enrollment. Offers will be sent to accepted students and waitlist numbers will be available to families not offered positions. There are exceptions to applicants for Early Kindergarten please see our policy on Lottery Exceptions below.


Acceptance of an offer of enrollment does not constitute official enrollment. Offered applicants will receive instructions on summer registration to finalize their enrollment at the school.  Parents must complete summer registration by the deadline to be officially enrolled. A Summer Registration will not be considered complete until all paperwork is completed in accordance with state law. *2 Failure to submit by the school’s deadline could result in non-enrollment of the student.


Here is a list of documentation to you can start preparing for when you need to complete summer registration:


  • Proof  of residence such as utility bill or lease agreement


Records Requests

Records requests will be done on all accepted applications for verification purposes.  The school needs to verify all state assessments, and general information to ensure we do not run into any capacity issues. *Please see our capacity policies below.


Lottery Exceptions


Early Kindergarten Exceptions

Early Kindergarten applications that are chosen in the lottery are accepted pending the passing of the Early Kindergarten Entrance Screening completed in the late spring. If an Early Kindergarten applicant does not pass the screening they cannot be admitted into the school and their admission spot will have to be reassigned.


Open Enrollment Lottery

Our Open Enrollment period is NOT first-come, first served. If, for any grade level, the number of applicants exceeds the number of openings, there will be a lottery to determine enrollment and waitlist numbers. Only applications completed during the OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD are included within that lottery pool. Lotteries will be held on March 8th, 2017, and results will be available March 23rd, 2017.


How The Waitlist Works


When your application reaches the top of the list, and a spot becomes available to you, the school will contact you immediately.


It is not possible for us to determine your child’s chances of being offered a spot. Once our classes are full, any spots that open up are the result of student withdrawals. Although we do typically see a number of spots open up before the start of school, we have no way of knowing in which grades spots will open up or how many spots will become available.


It is possible you may move up or down on the list. Don’t be too worried if you move down a few spots; this occasionally happens. For example, a 1st grade student is called from the waitlist because someone declined a spot. The 1st grader has a sibling who is #50 on the waitlist for 3rd grade. This sibling must (by law) be given “sibling preference,” so she moves up to the top of the 3rd grade waitlist (or near the top; there may be other siblings ahead of her). Therefore, if your 3rd grade child had started at #49, s/he will now be bumped down to #50.


Important Note Regarding Acceptance AFTER the Lottery:


Any student that is accepted as a result of their number being pulled at the top of the lottery is still pending any changes to that grade levels capacity numbers. A number of variables can contribute to the number of available spots we have after the lottery has already been conducted. For example: If a current ACA student ends up being retained in a grade level that would affect the number of available spots and that could bump someone from the accepted list to the first available spot on the waitlist instead.


1 See A.R.S. § 15-184(J).

2 See A.R.S. §§ 15-828, -872.


Applications Eligible for Priority Status


The following types of applications are eligible for “Priority Status”, and in the following order:

  • Current student in same school.

  • ACA Faculty/Administrator/Staff child or grandchild (full-time, benefits-eligible)

  • Applicants with siblings attending.

  • Newly accepted student siblings.

  • Board member child or grandchild

  • Confirmed rollover applicant from the previous school year

  • Non-prioritized Open Enrollment applicants (by original lottery number)

  • Non-prioritized Post Open Enrollment applicants (by first come first served)


Please Note: Any false statement on an application, including but not limited to falsely indicating priority eligibility, may result in revocation of enrollment or offer of enrollment.


Sibling Priority Policy

Sibling priority only applies when the incoming applicant has a sibling that is officially enrolled or currently attending the same school to which the applicant is applying.


  • A “sibling” is defined as an immediate family member of the applicant, or a blended family member of the applicant that resides under the same roof as the applicant.

  • The sibling must be currently enrolled at ACA.

  • If sibling withdraws from the school before applicant is offered enrollment, priority status will be revoked.

  • Once marked as a “sibling” application, these priority applications are ordered by original lottery number. 

  • Students with siblings already attending get a higher priority than newly accepted students.

  • Priority status does not guarantee placement.


ACA Faculty/Administrator/Staff Child Priority Policy


  • The employee must be the parent or legal guardian of applicant or the applicant must live with the employee for at least 50% of the calendar year.

  • The employee is responsible for notifying ACA of their priority status eligibility

  • If employment is terminated by employee or employer before applicant is offered enrollment at ACA priority status will be revoked.

  • Once marked as an “employee” application, these priority applications are ordered by original lottery number. 

  • Priority status does not guarantee placement.


ACA Board Member Child or Grandchild Priority Policy


Children of ACA Board Members


  • The board member must be the parent or legal guardian of applicant or the applicant must live with the board member for at least 50% of the calendar year.

  • The board member must be an official, board-approved board member.

  • The board member is responsible for notifying ACA of their submitted application and of their priority status eligibility.

  • If the board member’s service on the board ends before the applicant is offered enrollment at ACA priority status will be revoked.

  • Once marked as a “board” application, these priority applications are ordered by original lottery number.

  • Priority status does not guarantee placement.


Roll-Over Policy


If your child is not offered a spot for the 2016-17 school year, and if your waitlisted application is eligible to rollover to the next school year waitlist, the school will notify you of upcoming open enrollment dates, the responsibility falls upon the applicant to contact the school to roll their application over. Roll-over applicants will still need to fill out a current year’s application. It is crucial you do not miss the Roll-Over deadlines set by the school to ensure your child’s application is moved to the next year’s wait list and given the correct priority. Any applicant that was on the previous year’s waitlist will only receive the roll-over priority if they apply during the posted rollover period.  (if there are any major changes to content of the application process, all previous years waitlisted applications will be notified of the new application process)


What happens to my 2016-17 waitlisted application if I roll over to the 2017-18 school year waitlist?


If you choose to roll over your eligible waitlisted application/s to the 2017-18 school year waitlist, your 2016-17 waitlisted application/s will still remain active for the remainder of the current school year. However, if you receive an offer of enrollment for the current (2016-2017) school year after you elect to roll over your application, that application will be removed from the 2016-17 waitlist


Furthermore, applications received after August 31st for the current school year are NOT eligible to roll over for the next school year


Kindergarten Enrollment Policy


Students entering kindergarten for the upcoming school year must be five years old on or before August 31 of the current school year. The only exception would be a child who will turn five by December 31 of the current school year. These children will be allowed to enter kindergarten if the child passes an early entrance screening.


Early Entrance Screening


Dates for screening take place between April and May and last approximately one hour. There aren’t any preparations that can be done for screening as one might for a traditional test. Our screeners will be looking for readiness skills that come naturally to children. Please note: Preschool is not a requirement of early entrance.

There is a $30 fee for each child screened and this covers the cost of screening materials and screener time. The fee will only be refunded in the case of the parent contacting the school no later than the day of the screening to cancel. Fees cannot be refunded in the event of a no-show or for those children who do not pass the screening and are not accepted for early entrance.


Screening Decisions


A team of professional educators will work together to administer the various components of the screening. Your child may interact with two to three adults during the process. These teams will then score the evaluation components using the scoring rubrics that accompany the screening materials and make a group decision on each child screened.

Please note: Every effort is made to ensure the screening process is fair and equitable for all participants. Decisions as to those who are ready for kindergarten entrance will be made by a team of professionals and we ask that parents honor the team's decision. Details of the screen are not shared before or after whether the child is accepted or not. The screener might share areas that could be worked on, but will not go item by item.


Acceptance into Early Kindergarten


Once a child passes the early entrance screening they will continue the enrollment process as any other student. There is a $50 registration fee and a $250 monthly tuition fee.


Capacity Policy


The following factors will be considered by Arizona Charter Academy when determining capacity:


  • Physical capacity of the school building and classrooms.

  • Availability of staff members (i.e. administrators, teachers, other certified employee, classified employees, related service providers employed by Arizona Charter academy and related services providers contracted by Arizona Charter Academy)

  • Number of students already enrolled in relevant classes, programs, and classrooms according to Arizona Charter Academy’s established staff to student ratios. (Ratios furnished upon request)


Capacity limits for all opportunities at Arizona Charter Academy are based on physical space and teacher ratios. Therefore, if there is additional physical space on site, Arizona Charter Academy will hire staff to accommodate additional students as needed. Once the physical capacity of the premises is at its maximum, and the staff to student ratios are also at their maximum, no additional students will be enrolled in the relevant class, program, or classroom.




Revised 8/18/17: At ACA we have specific capacity for each grade level that we cannot exceed due to physical space and qualified staff availability.  The only capacity we have adhered to in our practices have been that of a specific grade level that were predetermind and posted at the beginning of our Enrollment season. 


Intent To Return Policy (for returning students only)


Intent to Return forms are for current ACA students only. In early spring current students do not need to go through our enrollment process, they only need to return their Intent to Return forms by the required deadline in order for their spot to be held the following school year.

Please note: Any current student who plans to return the following school year must fill out Intent to Return paperwork to keep their position. Unless families give notice via in writing (email or paper) that they plan to not return the following year, the schools legally cannot give away their position for that grade, even if Intent to Return paperwork is not filled out.


3 The Self-Contained/Cross Categorical Program is located at Arizona Charter Academy. The Self-Contained/ Emotional Disabilities Program is located off campus through A.C.E.S. Transportation to and from A.C.E.S. will be provided by Arizona Charter Academy.

registration fee and a $250 monthly tuition fee for full day kindergarten.


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